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Upper mustang trek

Upper mustang trek

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Upper mustang trekking like a ancient Tibet
Trekking area-Upper mustang trekking
Number of trekking days-10
Trekking stayle-tea houses
Group size: Min. 2 People in 1 group
Trekking route-moderate
Starting point:Jomsom-kagbeni
Transportation: Bus, Domestic airlines
Trekking guide: Naba Thapa

Upper mustang trekking agency: Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)Ltd.
This blog of upper mustang inform the package trip of upper mustang and without package trip called service package cost information. Package trip of upper mustang included food and Accommodation in tea house upper mustang,transportation,local guide of upper mustang. Pacakge trip cost per day $60 usd per day,mustang restriction permit cost $500 usd for 10 days,flight cost $226 round trip. Bus ticket ,timms card and Annapurna conservation $40 usd. Also in this package trip include the vat, service charge and Government tax. 
         Our upper mustang trek agency also organize the budget trip of mustang without package called service charge. This also called daily wages salary based booking trip without organized full board. For this it takes extra service charge and goverment tax,vat to make a restriction permit. Service charge and including tax  extra charge $100 usd per permit. flight cost, ACAP and Tims card as well as Local transportation, Guide cost Separately you have to pay. without package Guide cost $30 usd per day. 

Memoranda from King of upper mustang,Near the royal place in the Mustang.

Reviews about us

we are recommended by the popular travel site,travelers forum, lonely planet. we are in trip advisor as well as where you can read about our reference as a Mountain Air Guided Adventures day tours. where different customer reviews many trekking areas and mostly you can found reviews about the upper mustang trekking. 

Upper mustang permit , itinerary and process of the documentation Service and price dealing In upper mustang:must of the mustang trekking operating agency frequently said good service and prices. Actually , upper mustang trekking have a same tea house facility either you pay more in the name of the service or  cheap and fair prices. Hotel category may difference in pokhara and Kathmandu. Flight prices, vehicle prices from kathmandu to pokhara and pokhara are same. luxury car, tourist bus prices also same rate. so, either you pay more or budget prices in upper mustang trekking there are same service. seasonal  Fruits such as apple, grape, banana, oranges etc. after the meal when you are in the trekking , provided by the Everest trekking agency. so, please donot confusion about the service. It is natural that prices will be difference mode of transportation and hotel quality in Kathmandu and pokhara. 

Mustang trek guide Naba Thapa(nepalguide3:skype)

Upper mustang trekking permit cost $500 usd per  person and need a another entry fee of the Annapurna region trekking. Minimum it is obliged or necessary 10 days to trek upper mustang region. if you trekking more than 10 days in the restriction areas of the mustang it cost $50 per day per person. Starting point of the trekking of the upper mustang is from Kagbeni. Before kagbeni have to walk 3 hours from jomsom, so, it also can say jomsom also point of the starting this trekking. But in the views of the permit checking places or restriction beginning places , it will be clear beginning point of the mustang trekking named Kagbeni.  Mustang district starting from lower mustang trekking areas or part of the Jomsom muktinath areas. Ghasa is the boundary of the mustang and Magdi district. Because of the pure Buddhist culture specially Sakyapa practice , hidden kingdom of lomanthang mroe than Tibetan community and culture outside the boundary of the Tibet mustang trek become very popular trekking in Nepal. 
Upper mustang trekking in Nepal
Upper mustang package cost for 10 days $1350  usd per person. if you are 4 people in group, 3 People group trekking prices $1400  usd per person. Similarly 2 people in group cost $1450 usd per person. Trekking days counted after flying to jomsom from pokhara, included flight ticket, restriction permit, guide, Accommodation, food. Trekking organized the lodge staying way or tea house trekking like a home stay in upper mustang. You must be pay in a dollar for the restriction permit and rest of the amount can give as a exchange rate or equivalent of currency exchange rate. 
without package guide service for upper mustang cost with permit flight per person $950 usd basic upon two person in group.pokhara to Jomsom round flight cost per person $230 usd
Upper mustang trekking image and itinerary
Upper mustang trek permit will be ready after you arrival in Nepal. Before you arrival in Nepal we make ready for  the document of the upper mustang. It needs trekking agency tax clear certificate, insurance of the trekking guide and other field staff. foreign exchange certificate verification in the dollar account in the Rastrya bank of Nepal which is central bank all over Nepal.. trekking agency have to pay dollar amount to the Rastrya bank at the time of pay the  restricted areas fee of the upper mustang trekking Nepal.  After ready the restricted permit of mustang then it is essential to make the Annapruna area conservation fee to allow  from the Jomsom to Kagbeni and at the time of the back kagbeni to Jomsom. Jomsom or kagbeni belongs to the Annapurna conservation area . At the time of the starting the trekking  to the upper mustang , one have to begining or end to the Annapurna section , so it is important need a annapurna areas conservation entry fee at the time of the upper mustang trekking.
Traditional king place of King of mustang

Time for the upper mustang trekking in Nepal:

When you arrive in Nepal it took one day whole if you come directly. Then another days for the final permit process for the mustang trekking and your sightseeing in Kathmandu valley if you prefer before trekking. In the third days it is the time to go pokhara and from the fourth days starting the trekking of  the mustang, for that have to fly from pokhara to Jomsom then walk to kagbeni , the upper mustang trekking permit check post beginning places.  Then continuous to trek up to 10 days. In this way for the upper mustang trekking in Nepal , it will be better have to time up to 15 days. Normally or minimum it takes 13 days whole time for the mustang trekking in Nepal. 10 days for the trekking and 3 days for the arrival and preparation for the trekking permit
cultural live of upper mustang

How i Booked a upper mustang trekking?

You can booked upper mustang trekking online from the internet. You go to the booking form of the mustang trekking agency , then send a inquiry for the prices, transposition, accommodation , itinerary, permit  and guide for the upper mustang. mostly upper mustang needed a license holder trekking guide and you have to got a package service. if you know and like a prices and service offer , then you have to send a advance for the fixed the time, Guide, reservation the bus ticket, flight ticket, processing the documentation for the upper mustang treks. Trekking agency give you the your paying receive by scanning or fax. you can send money  by the bank transfer, western union . where will clear the purpose of payment for the agency and places of the trekking , that will be your main point or proof paying and booking by the advance.
     when you come Nepal to trekking, then you have to give the rest of the amount before departure the trekking. In this way , you can book the upper mustang trekking. If any this confusion you can ask by phone, Email , Skype or any kinds of the media.

What kind of process apply by the trekking agency to got the Upper mustang trekking permit?
As you know , only trekking agency have authorized to apply the restriction area permit or special permit.Trekking agency must have all kind of the authorized valid documentation. Following Document have to send by the trekking agency to the immigration of Nepal at the branches of the special trekking permit places:
1. Apply to the immigration in the company letter head with stamp, signature of managing director
 2. All company registration documentation photocopy
3. Photo copy of the Tax certificate
4. Tax clear documentation with auditor signature.
5. Renew of the foreign  exchange certificate , for this needed a Dollar account in the Nepal rastraya bank
6. Needed a 500 usd  then deposit to the Rastraya bank , then attached the bill to the immigration of Nepal.
7. Food list of the trekkers
8. insurance of  the field staff
9. Trekkers insurance which is client must be paid or send  by the email or fax.
10. Original passport of the clients(which you can give after come in Nepal, just 1 or 2 official days needed, Saturday and other government holidays are closed this. )
       After this trekking agency got the permit of the upper mustang trekking. Then again have to apply the Annapurna conservation area permit for the upper mustang trekking. Upper mustang trekking beginning point is lower mustang, which is part of the Annapurna  areas.
Upper mustang trekking map image

Upper mustang trekking package cost
Upper mustang trekking package included the permit, guide, hotel , accommodation , food. Trekking package of the upper mustang trekking depend upon the facility and service. Hotel category of the Kathmandu, transportation mode from kathmandu and pokhara mostly depend upon the prices of the upper mustang trekking. if you  just need a guide and permit of the upper mustang , you have to pay the extra service charge $150 per person and Trekking Guide charge per day $30 usd. 10 days package of the upper mustang trekking cost $ 1500 per person.

Upper mustang trekking package and upper mustang trekking service
Trekking package means include guide, food, permit, transportation while trekking service means just hiring a guide and taking a permit from the  agency by paying the extra charges. 

Mustang trekking guide:
It  will be nice hiring a experience trekking guide with license holder from the government of Nepal. Mustang trekking operating agency have lots of trekking guide who has experienced  the trekking service  more than 5 years. You can find guide 5-20 years experience , can you belive that? it is eyewitness and normal for us.   Now a days there are also available local trekking guide from the same region but it doesn't matter must be professional either local  or non local. Every  trekking guide of Nepal  have authorized  guiding all parts of Nepal. Hiring a trekking guide will be available any trekking agency in Nepal.

Upper mustang tea house trekking:

In previous days upper mustang trekking only option was camping organizing trekking. Now a days it is very easy due to the tea houses. so, it is no doubt to say upper mustang tea house trekking. There are basic lodges and foods in tea houses. One can carry dry food, candy for the tea house trekking upper mustang for the relaxation.
Mustang trekking itinerary and map

Upper mustang trekking transportation:
From kathmandu to pokhara one can drive or fly it is option. similarly from Pokhara to Jomsom you fly or pokhara to jomsom you drive. It is all   Choice able. In the dary season there are Jeep or tractor facility some parts of the upper mustang trekking as well as but it is no reliable, just local people ride.

why upper mustang trekking areas listed the restriction trekking area in Nepal?
Upper mustang trekking has a pure traditional Tibetan culture which you cannot originally got in Tibet. To preserve unspoiled culture, custom , government of tourism of Nepal have policy less number of the visitors there.Cultural heritage site where is most of  the people practiced the Sakypa Busshism.  There might be political geographical region because of the bordering side of the Tibet.

Why need a Guide for the Upper mustang trekking?
Guide is like a unpaid ambassadors and paid workers as a guide. Because of the follow the rules , respect the culture, communicated with the local and become a mediator trekking guide of mustang very essential. Without trekking guide and trekking agency there  cannot got the permit of  the upper mustang. so trekking guide needed every restriction area  trekking in Nepal.

Terms and condition of Booking trekking:

1. There are many terms and condition of the booking the upper mustang trekking. For the confirmation the booking the trip ,trekkers of mustang have to sent $200 usd by bank transfer. Then we send you the receipt bill by the scanning by email or send by fax.

2. When you arrive , you have to give the original passport and us dollar for the upper mustang trekking permit. if you have no dollar, then you have to buy a dollar in Nepal because Nepal Rastraya bank only accept the dollar amount at the time of the restriction permit.
3. After departure the trekking of mustang no amount refund. your money already going to for the permit, advance the guide etc.Before trekking if you like to refund it should be 24 hours before and 20 percent cancellation charge. No possible refund the money of the advance and permit. Other money even refund 20 percent will be taken.

Nepal Entry visa Fee:

Either you are upper mustang trekking or other parts of Nepal, it is very important to know the Nepal entry visa fee.For the 15 days Nepal entry visa cost $25. For the upper mustang trekking all together kthmandu and trekking might be take more than 15 days. plus , there are other points for sightseeing such as lumbini, chitwan etc. if incase have to say long days extended the visa, so, it will nice if you take 30 days visa , this is only 15 usd more.

Trekkers or customers question about the Upper mustang trekking?
Dear  Nabaraj,
Very nice and great blog about the upper mustang trekking. we have just 15 days  for  Nepal and  upper mustang trekking. My girl friend and i like to come in May or Tiji festival there. could you provide us restriction permit and Guide. we  like to pay ourself not package?
Smith from Belgium

Dear smith,
Thanks for inquiry us about the upper mustang trekking. we are waiting with great hospitality and hurried to service you as well as we thought it is our great chances to get a opportunity to serve you.  For the mustang trekking permit as you know cost $500 per person for 10 days. Then you need a Annapurna conservation area permit cost Rs. 2000 NPR. To make such kind of the restriction permit  , needed a service charge if not package trekking. service charge cost $ 150 usd per person. Also i noticed you , minimum 2 perosn in a group for the upper mustang trekking.
   If you have no group, we try to find out the group by passing the mail other trekking agency via Trekking agent association of Nepal. for other   information about the permit issue of the upper mustang  in case one person trekking there, it will be expensive. you  need some other person passport , then have to pay their restriction fee  plus other extra service charges. if you have just 15 days time in Nepal, i suggest you go to pokhara by flight then flight to jomsom another days. It will take 1 or 2 official days two make the permit after you arrival in Nepal because immigration of Nepal ask the original passport to know the trekkers details.
  keep and  touch .

Hello Nabaraj
It is nice blog about your Upper mustang trekking where i found many trekkers or your customer feed back and answers. Iam wonderful if it is possible to go upper mustang trekking without guide? I just want to take a special permit  and paying service charge for this. is it possible? probably i like to do travel in Nepal coming April or may.
Peter from  Australia.

Dear Peter,
Thanks for your question and inquiry about the upper mustang. First things to apply the upper mustang trekking we have to send the Guide name in immigration at the time of the apply the permit. Second things , every Check point of the Upper mustang trekking  have to signature for the entry and exist by the trekking guide and asking the Guide license. In one words, without guide, there is no allowed the trekkers in restriction areas. If in case this things find, trekking agency listed the black  list. so, it is very important , to take or hire a guide of this trekking area. Service charge of upper mustang trekking cost $200 per person and trekking guide cost $35 per day if you like to only permit from the agency. In this prices included the government tax, vat and no hidden other cost. But that is your choices tips of the guide. may be , you think why trekking agency take expensive or cheap service charge for the making the permit? Trekking agency have to pay the tax  and vat every restriction areas more than other normal trekking you are already experience in Nepal trekking , probably you heard and read more about that. Any way keep and touch.

Best regards,

Hello ,
I am extremely like to go upper mustang trekking. i heard this from my friend and internet. iam about it.This is my first time in Nepal. Can you suggest me about this.  Probably i come Nepal in june if favor the time, itinerary and season.Can you quote about this trip.
What is the price ?
How many days ?
When is the better time to come ?
What is the weather ?
Linda from England

Dear Linda,
You are welcome to Nepal and trekking to upper mustang. yes, upper mustang trip is very best even expensive entrance fee. you can do 10 days there with guide and package. It cost $ 1250 usd for the full board Package.  From February to july is the best season. another best season is from August , September, October. June is the nice season, no more hot and cold at the part of the upper mustang, it enough if you have 15 days time. 10 days for the trekking and other 5 days for your choice. such as sightseeing, tour etc.
Includes :
Pick up from Airport.
2 night hotel in kathmandu
2 night htoel in pokhara
Li sense holder trekking guide, Guide salary
3 Times meals, Breakfast , launch dinner with accommodation.
mustang restircation permit and Annapurna conservation permit
Tourist bus to pokhara , pokhara to kathmandu
extra service,  hard and soft drink, Bottle water, Tip for the guide( tips is no mandatory ), Flight ticket from pokhara to jomsom jomsom to pokhara.
if you have any kinds of the curiosity and confusion about the prices, itinerary, guide, package of this trip, please let me write. i will reply very soon.
Best regards,
Naba Thapa
Kathmandu Nepal
Skype: nepalguide3

Hello I'm Vanessa and your package looks very interesting. I would like to know if it's a difficult trek because I'm not really sportive. I plan to come in February, would it be cold at night ? Thanks for your response. Kind regards.
Dear Vasana,
It is great to heard from you. we are waiting for your service and hospitality in Nepal. we hope we got chance to serve you. It no need sportive people for the upper mustang because it is general trekking areas can do every kind of the people. I give you advise it will be nice if you jogging some days before coming  Nepal. yes, it is cold season in Nepal , but days are often sunshine. it is normal some time fogy and invisible the distance view. mostly morning and evening is cold. hiking  starts every day from 8 o clock , so it will ok in day time.
Keep and touch.
Naba from Kathmandu Nepal.

Hello Nabaraj Thapa
Very happy to see  your blogging about the upper mustang trekking in Nepal. we like to this trip in budget way, can you give us cheapest  package of the upper mustang trekking?

Dear Ghim,
I feel great enjoy about your inquiry of mustang trekking. if you like to budget trip there , of course we design your itinerary and package very transparently. i need your scanning of  photo and passport for the permit. just you pay usd 1100 usd without flight ticket and transporation for the upper mustang trekking pacakge.
Chorten  inside the village of the Upper mustang

Hello there,
i read your blog about the upper mustang trekking. iam very curious annapurna circuit trekking plus upper mustang. I heard that Timms card didnot need if i have special permit. Can i  do the throngla from benshiar at the base upon mustang special permit?
Thomas , England

Hello Nabaraj,

I like to go  upper mustang from down part of the Annapurna probably from beni , then like to bus to Kagbeni, then i like to start the upper mustang trekking from there, then when come back , fly back to Pokhara. Please let me know the prices of the trip including fly ticket, hotel in Kathmandu, pokhra ?


Hello Nabaraj,
How can i go to upper mustang via manaslu trekking and how many days take a time? can you give the itinerary and package about that?
Reccoo, from frace

Hello Nabaraj,
I extremely like to know the itinerary, prices and guide of the upper mustang trekking. Similarly i like to know the permit processing and trekking equipment.
Max from spain

Dear Nabaraj,
I like to go upper mustang trekking but iam single. I heard permit is issue if there are minimum 2 People in a group. can i got a permit of this. Give me some ideas about this. how much service charge, fee, guide package for this?
Keep and touch
Dorothy allyen

Faq about the upper mustang trekking:

1.How much advance have to send a upper mustang trekking if i confirmation the booking?
You have to pay $250 usd non refund advance  for the mustang trekking for the confirmation the time and trip.
2. What is the tea house cost and package  general prices of the upper mustang?
it cost $1440 if you are two person in a group for 10 days trip.
3. Why i have to pay us money for the permit of the upper mustang?
Nepal rastrya bank only accept the dollar. if you have not dollar, you have to buy in local touristic market by giving the commission.
Upper mustang trekking days: most of the trekkers said it take 4 days to up and 3 days down to the kagbeni and jomsom. It is better taking little bit more time to explore the monastery and culture. upper mustang fee is expensive because to preserve the culture and custom. so, you can definitely find  there are more pure Buddhist Tibetan culture than other parts of the world.
Upper mustang trekking route: Trekking route of the upper mustang depend upon the starting point of the trekking of the upper mustang. if you like to trekking in poon hill with jomsom valley and upper mustang trekking, trekking days will be longer.Before entry date of the upper mustang areas if you like you can do the trekking where you like. In the upper mustang permit there is mention the entry date, at that time, it is better to entry to finished the 10 days inside the restriction areas.
Why Upper mustang trekking with our team?
we are the team of the Guide opening the trekking agency after 15 years experience in a upper mustang trekking as well as other parts of the similar trekking areas of Nepal. Our team  is well equipped, knowledge of the first aid, experience how to operate the trip according to the condition. Mr. Naba Thapa is the team leader of the guide trekking agency called Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)Ltd. we are from the different  trekking region  of Nepal and have deep knowledge about the service, food, legal document, accommodation. we heard from you carefully and  fixed the solution about the itinerary, budget, transportation, trekking days extension. we make itinerary with your time and budget as a eco friendly way.
Why trekking to upper mustang trekking even expensive restriction entry fee?

  • Upper mustang, specially Lomangthang is the listed the world heritage site.
  • Mini Tibet in Nepal, Tibetan people in Nepal, older preserved culture than Tibet.
  • 1000 years old monastery, cave, murals
  • Upper mustang king(local king of the upper mustang)
  •  Annual Tiji festival in May for 3 days
  • Trans Himalayan parts of Nepal, bordering to Tibet, trekking can do rainy season june, July
  • Upper mustang trekking opening in 1992 for the outsiders. 

Fixed group departure date  for the upper mustang trekking:
we make the 12 days itinerary for the upper mustang trekking. transportation we arrange by bus and plane. round trip fly to jomsom then continuous heading to the upper mustang lomangthang. we have regular fixed group departure , you can join if you feel suitable itinerary. we make individual itinerary if you like  with your group.there are two days rest in upper mustang lomangthang for explore the people, culture and life style.

Upper mustang trekking cost and Budget:
Minimum 2 group is necessary according to the rule of the immigration of Nepal then can add any people for the mustang trekking. if you are only one and seeker a group , we help to find out the group for the mustang trekking. Main highlighted parts are above the Kagbeni.
5 days upper mustang trekking and tour:
This time is facility to jeep to upper mustang from the lower mustang. Lower mustang is begining from Ghasa and end to the kagbeni and muktinath. first day you can stay at Chuksang and next day jeep to the Lomangthang. There are monastery entry fee Rs. 1000 only how many days you stay there in the upper mustang. Fly to jomsom after that jeep to the upper mustang is the best way to visit within short time in upper mustang.
Upper mustang trekking cost:
most of the trip of the upper mustang trekking is full board package system. we can arrange you only hiring a guide and reservation the room in the areas of the mustang  tea houses.

Trip extension after upper mustang trekking in Nepal:
After upper mustang trekking you can extension the trip to the poon hill and hot spring. some trekkers prefer to go Annapurna base camp trekking after the upper mustang trekking. same permit and conservation working if you go anywhere the parts of the Annapurna trekking Nepal. Also can go Jungle safari in royal chitwan National park and rafting. so, rafting, safari, bungy jumping, paragliding, city tours are other optional program before  or after upper mustang trekking Nepal.
Manaslu, Annapurna circuit and Upper mustang trekking: if you like to do three trekking in one time it is possible. Middle of the Manaslu and upper mustang there are anapurna circuit trekking. After throngla you can meet the entry point to go manaslu trekking.After finished the manaslu trekking you can connecting the Annapurna trekking within 12 days then days of the 19 you reach the Kagbeni then 4 days upto the upper mustang, so that day 23 you reach lomangthang and Day 26 you can back to Jomsom. if you have 26 days time you can finished 2 restriction areas trekking in a single trip in Nepal. Just you need a manaslu and upper mustang trekking permit. It is already have to take a anapurna conservation permit with the manaslu.
Note:we give you suggestion extension the trip after finished the upper mustang. Same Annapurna conservation entry fee working before check out from the Annapurna region.  In the case of the upper mustang, if you have more than 10 day, you have to pay $50 usd per day in check out and chek in point kagbeni.
 so, we suggest you first better to fly in jomsom  from pokhara. then continuous up to upper mustang areas. if you have some time left, after check out you can visit the muktinath temple, Hot spring taopani accessible by Jeep from kagbeni and Jomsom. Marpha and Tukuche are the organic village as well as the apple capital of Nepal. There are green vegetation, apple brandy, slider, apricot, apple crumble are very delicious.

Upper mustang trekking very culturally scenic and accessible by bus and plane from pokhara. It is your choice to do the upper mustang different way.
Upper mustang trekking equipment list:
Upper mustang trekking become the fully tea house trekking like a lower mustang trekking. you donot need sleep bag and other cooking stuff and more filed staff. Minimum if there are 2 people and you are like to go upper mustang trekking , just you need your bag pack and daily using things. Sun glasses, Gloves, water bottle, trekking shoes, down jacket, 4 pairs of socks, some pair of  Inner and outer wear. etc are the upper mustang trekking equipment list.  

Trekking quotation  and inquiry of upper mustang
Hello & Namaste!

We (that’s me and my wife, age 37 and 33) are planning to do the Upper Mustang trek in April (12-13 day trek) and for that we are looking for a travel agency in Katmandu or Pokhara.
We are experienced trekker in altitudes of 1500-3000m (in the Alps and Pyrenees), no experience with Nepal yet.

We’ve already booked our flights to Katmandu, but nothing further. We’ll arrive in Katmandu on the 4th of April, 6:15am, back on the 18th of April, 7:45am. Which means we have 14 full days.

Are you available for this time? Can you help us organize our trip (including flights to Pokhara and Jomsom)?
If not, can you recommend us another agent with which we could organize this trip?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Bjoern Zandvliet

heritage site of the upper mustang. 

Dear sir, 
thanks for inquiry about upper mustang. It is very great to heard from you.You can fit this trip because upper mustang trekking in no like Everest trekking, it has max. 3800 m height. Before trekking better to jugging or morning walk. this trip fit for first time Nepal travelers very much.  I manage budget but best service about the upper mustang trekking. Any kind of the inquiry and curiosity please ask us. we give fast info. 
Keep and touch, hope to have chance to serve you. 

we design that kind of the itinerary, i think it will be fit for you. 

Itinerary of the trip
4 April Arrive in kathamndu
5 April  sightseeing in kathmandu and final permit we issue by your original passport.  
6 April Kathamndu to pokhara, reach in afternoon 2 o'clock
7 April  Morning flight to Jomsom from pokhara then  trek to kagbeni
8 April Kagbeni to Chuile
9. Chuile to Ghilling
10. Ghilling  to Ghami or dakmar
11. Darkmar to Lomanthang
12. Explore Lomanthang
13. Lomanthang to  Charang or Ghami
14. Ghami to Chuksang
15. Chuksang to Jomsom
16. Jomsom to pokhara
17. Pokhara to kathmandu
18. Flight your home. 
Include the price
Pick up from Airport 
3 hotel in Kathamndu
upper mustang restriction permit 
ACAP conservation fee
Local transporation(Ktm-pokhara by bus)
2 Night hotel in pokhara
Three times meals in trekking
Pokhara to jomsom flight, Jomsom to pk. 
Trekking guide, his salary 

cost exclude:
Food in pokhara, Kathamndu, alcholic drink, bottle water, personal expenses. 
Best regards
Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)Ltd
Thamel, Kathmandu Nepal. 
Cell: +977-9851005685
 cost of this trip $1430 per person.

Hello Naba,
thank you for your email.

We've planned the following itinerary for our trip:

April 4 (Saturday): staying one day in Kathmandu
April 5 (Sunday): domestic flight to Pokhara, stay in Pokhara
April 6: domestic flight to Jomsom; starting the trek: Jomsom -> Kagbeni
April 7: Kagbeni -> Chele
April 8: Chele -> Geling
April 9: Geling -> Charang
April 10: Charang -> Lo Manthang
April 11: Exploration day around Lo-Manthang
April 12: Lo Manthang -> Ghami
April 13: Ghami -> Syanboche/Samar
April 14: Syanboche/Samar -> Chhusang
April 15: Chhusang -> Muktinath
April 16: Muktinath -> Jomsom
April 17: domestic flight Jomsom-Pokhara; domestic flight Pokhara-Kathmandu
April 18: international flight dep. time 7:45am

We're gonna book our hotels in Kathmandu and Pokhara by ourself.

What would be your price for the following package with the above itinerary:
- upper mustang restriction permit (500 $) and ACAP conservation fee. --> I've found out that the emigration office is closed Saturday and Sunday, so the permits need to be organized in advance.
- domestic flights KTM-Pokhara, Pokhara-Jomsom and Jomsom-Pokhara, Pokhara-Kathmandu
- Accommodation in guest houses + three times meals along the trek
- certified trekking guide (salary+insurance), english speaking
- one porter (salary+insurance)

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Dear sir, 
Thanks again your mail, it is great encouraging reply this. we manage the trip according to your time frame and mode of the transportation.  According to your itinerary and requirment it cost per person $1650 usd per person. we feel great glory to serve you. Hope we get chance for this. 
   Keep and touch. 

Best regards, 
Naba Thapa
Mountain Air Guided aventures(p.)Ltd. 
Thamel, kathmandu Nepal
  Keep and touch.

Group joining or fix group departure in upper mustang trekking:
If you are looking for the group we will collect for this. It will be fixed departure group after collecting because time will be matched for the two individual trekkers. some people looking trekking partners because there are facility at least two people in the group in upper mustang. we can forward the message  all our organization to find out the group. There may be same kind  of  inquiry  other office as well as. After fixing the group , then there is fix group departure date. 
My Experience at a glance  in Upper mustang trek Nepal
Hanging with local people , talking about the life style of upper mustang I amuse and fell happy in Lomanthang which is widely known as the mud wall city of Nepal. Popular travel analyzing ,researching  and advertising  sites  Lonely planet ,trip advisor etc. listed  Lomanthang ,top ten travel destination in Asia. One can feel encounter Tibet an kingdom inside the territory in Nepal. Every mountain is made of erosion mud seems all are Buddhist shrine and inhabitants cave of meditative enlightenment Lamas. Tibetan kingdom outside the Tibet inside the boundary of Nepal. Till 2008, Government of Nepal  regarded as the local king of upper mustang  even local people respected still formal mustang royal family as a King, Queen and prince. When we read history then we found from 13 century to 2008 over 25 dynasty there is a king system of local mustang. Later it know, so it is says hidden or forbidden kingdom in the world where Tibetan culture still survive without disturb. Where there are  sources of water we found there are village in upper mustang. It takes 4 days up and 3 days down  to kagbeni from upper mustang. People of upper mustang dynamic they winter migration to Kathmandu and pokhara for children school and business. Also they have traditional business in India , mainly woolen clothes they buy in Ludhiyana india and sell Vanarasi, Asam ,Dharmashala etc. In pokhara  Mustigains children study during winter season, they have a mobile school there.
It is amazing, This time facility jeep service from jomsom and kagbeni. From Beni I reached upper mustang just 2 days because of Jeep service in mustang. I pay 1500 for jeep from Chusang to Lomanthang. It take about 6 hours to  reach lomangtang from Chusang by jeep. From Jomsom to Chusang, jeep cost Rs. 365 NPR for Nepalese people. For  foreigner tourist  , it is double than Nepalese tourist. Cost of the jeep and bus are same ranges from Beni. I heard the recent news there will be direct bus from Pokhara to jomsom. Now  there are Networking bus committee from Beni to Ghasa, Ghasa to Jomsom, Jomsom to Chusang, Chusang to Lomanthang. It is cheper to go upper mustang by bus and jeep then plane  but bus takes long time  and because of  rough bus route no comfort as Plane. If you taka plane to jomsom from pokhara then ride a jeep to chusang  you can reach samar or chele in a single day. So,  Plane save a time then a bus and more easy and comfort.
I take rice curry for launch and dinner. Some time I enjoy local tea shop around the BAzzar areas of upper mustang lomanthang. I eat just dinner my staying Hotel shangrilla. Tourist menu also no expensive than Annapurna circuit and  Annapurna base camp trek. Dhat Bhat quality is little lower in upper mustang then other Annapurna trekking Nepal. Room I paid just Rs.300 NPR, normally it is  Rs 500 Rupees in mustang. Some time I enjoy the local wine made from the Buckwheat. It is Rs. 50 NPR per Glass local  wine in Upper mustang Lomanthang. In Kathmandu Tuborg Beer cost Rs. 300 NPR, it is amazing one can found Tubourg Beer in Lomanthang Rs. 350 NPR. It is very cheap to Nepalese  People to travel to upper mustang. Nepalese people have not pay the Timms card cost $20 usd, upper mustang trek permit $500 usd for 10 days, Annapurna conservation area  fee $20(Rs. 2000 NPR). Nepalese people enjoy the upper mustang , they have not pay $540 as foreign people. This money is enough for food, lodge and accommodation.
   I have just chance merely glance the upper mustang. Still I have thirst research that areas and like to Go Damodar kunda from upper mustang. Luri gaon, and Dhi gaon , Monastery  are remaining parts of mustang for me. Originally iam Guide but no been in upper mustang before this time. After finished this trip on September 25, 2015 , my happiness knew no bounds. I can book the upper mustang without organize package. Lets travel together there, I will guide you and share my experience it will be benefit for you  because without package I help to make a travel document , restriction permit of upper mustang trek Nepal. I have to learn still many things, I hope co-ordination to travel together to the Tibetan kingdom of lomanthang upper mustang helps our mission to upper mustang.

March spring to Auman November are the best season to travel upper mustang Nepal. 


I am coming to Nepal (again!) in March 2016 and am looking for some information on 2 treks.

1) I will be solo and hope to join a group to do the upper mustang
-Do you have any guaranteed dates where I could join a group in early March 2016?
-What is the cost?

-This will be me and two friends
-What is the cost per person for this, starting ?21/22/23/24 March 2016?



Dear Oliva, 
Thanks for inquiry for the upper mustang trekking Nepal. This days upper mustang trekking is flexible itinerary because of access the jeep. However people like to walk every day from down kagbeni to Up Lomangtang and Chosar. Minimum 10 days permit have to issue even 6-7 days possible for the limited days people in Nepal. 
    I will forward the mail other mustang operating trekking agency to find the group. Generally mustang trekking permit only issue for the group trekkers, minimum 2 people need a group. if not two people we have alternative way to make a permit by the extra permit fee paying or find the group making. It cost $1450 per person with the permit ,guide, food, accommodation and Transportation. 
Keep and Touch also iam looking forward the message what you like to ask. 
Best regards,
Naba Thapa
Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)Ltd.

More About Upper mustang trekking Question and Answers

Why go to Upper mustang trek?
Upper mustang was traditional kingdom of the Tibetan Tribes of the people. They follow unique tradition generation to generation. Hidden kingdom in the world swallowed by the principality of Nepal till 2008,there are getting the allowance as the former regional king. To observation the former kingdom ,similarly the geography and cultural scenery of people of  Upper mustang. Till 2008, 24 generation or dynasty of the Tibetan Nepali BistaRuled the upper mustang. Even cutting the allowances of the present king, Local people of Upper mustang still regarded him their king. There are celebrated the traditional annual festival called Tiji.
Why upper mustang trekking is the restricted area trekking in Nepal?
Upper mustang classical culture heritage place in Nepal. Land of upper mustang mostly known as the Buddhist capital of Nepal where is Tibetan Buddhism still survive in a very pure form. To preserve the culture government of Nepal focusing undisturbed  by the massive tourism.
There is mixing many reason beyond the reason of the restriction area trek in Nepal. Geo political scenario, Government of Nepal donot like a awake the past sentiment of the Khama revolt(1960-1970). So, it is unexpressed true things undisturbed the harmony and peace from the external factor.
How I get the restriction permit of the Mustang?
Upper mustang restriction permit get only trekking agency in Nepal.It is obliged join the trekking agency for for the permit of mustang trekking. Trekking agency of mustang  have to pay the tax and vat if they are issue the permit of the upper mustang trekkers. Without guide it is not allowed the trek in upper mustang even you have a restriction permit of the issue the permit of the Upper mustang trekking,trekking agency need a Updating document of the tax,vat ,annual report etc.
Can I just a hire a Guide and buy a permit of upper mustang?
Without package ,we can organize the upper mustang  trek. Just hire a Guide and permit means the Unpackaged way of the trekking. In the permit cost,you have to pay the tax and vat. In the cost of the daily wages of the mustang trek guide, you have to pay extra service Charge. In the package trip already include Guide salary, Government tax,vat,food and accommodation.

How many days take a time to go Upper mustang trek?
To reach starting point or permit checking places called Kagbeni,it took 2 days from Kagbeni. No counting the permit validity till this time. Only trekking days are counting. It is obliged minimum 10 days permit of mustang from immigration of Nepal. So, it is enough to get the 10 days  permit which is $500usd.10 days inside the upper mustang and 2-3 days in the Annapirma region. So, 10 to 12 days are total days of the Upper mustang trek in Nepal.
Can I extend the itinerary of the upper mustang?
After finished upper mustang, you can extend your trip to the poon hill, hot spring and Ghandruk village. It is also possible extend the trip within Upper mustang. You can go to the Korola Boarder ,Luri Gompa,Damodar Kunda.we highly recommended to go Damodar Kunda which is source of the Kali Gandaki river and possibility to find many Saligram there. Now, it is facility to come Kagbeni in the permit validity days.Now, it is facility by road. You can use this opportunity by explore more monastery ,places and off the beaten track of the Upper mustang.
What is the cost of the food and accommodation in the Upper mustang trek?
There are basic food menu and basic lodges facility in Upper mustang. Accommodation cost $5-$7usd per night. Per meal cost $4 to $6(Launch and Dinner).Breakfast cost start from $3 usd to $5usd per meal.  

What is the Budget of the upper mustang trek?
Budget of upper mustang include the Flight ticket from Pokhara to Jomsom(round trip).Similarly,food and accommodation,permit,entry fee,restrication permit of the upper mustang are the budget for the Upper mustang trek.Budget are expenses above the things.There will be raising the question,what is the Budget price for the upper mustang trek.Every trekking agency are same same prices but some agency have more same prices charging then other agency are low charge then the average budget of the upper mustang.Average spent per day for food and accommodaton $20usd,flight ticket $230 usd(round ticket). Other essential permit ACAP cost Rs. 2000 NPR,Timms card Rs. 1000 NPR,Guide charge cost $30usd(if no package).
How I book the Upper mustang trek?
Advanced by bank transfer or from the card very important for  advance the flight ticket, field staff, and apply for the permit. For the final permit issue after you come from your city. It is always asking the original passport for the final permit  for the upper mustang trek or any other restriction permit. You have to pay rest of the money before departure the trip