Guide of the upper mustang trekking

It is essential license holder trekking guide for the upper mustang trekking. Trekking agency of the upper mustang trekking have very experience  trekking guide certificated by the government of Nepal. Trekking Guide know more knowledge  than local people because of the researching and informative technique as well as profession.
we have experience guide for the upper mustang trekking who have already 10 to 20 years experience. most of the trekking and travel agency provide guide only in the full board package. In the package trip of the mustang included the Guide price. even some agency make you permit of mustang it is rules to take a guide with you.

How to hiring Guide for upper mustang
There are 2  ways to hire a Guide of the upper Mustang. You can contact mustang guide trekking agency like ours. Then, we make a permit with Guide as well as manage the transportation for the mustang trekking. This is unpack-age trip need a service charge for manage a guide and permit. Basically it need a 2 people to hire a Guide. Some time we can manage the trip with group joining system.

Upper mustang trek without Guide all the way
Check in to the upper mustang and check out it is compulsion Guide. Even you have to pay 10 days salary or equivalent of this. Trekking guide is non paid ambassador of the upper mustang during the trip. In the cases of the Guide sick you can go up and subsidies another guide if he is not recover in the check out time. Guide know things what is not you get in the book so hidden mysterious of the mustang is main source of the knowledge. Even with guide all the way, there make a gap if you like trek independently in the upper mustang.
     Most of the traveler are very expert in trekking in Nepal. Very experience trekkers or trekking lover have ambition to do all areas trip in Nepal.

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