Permit of upper mustang

10 days permit cost of upper mustang $500 usd. Either you are trekking parts of the upper mustang 1 days or 10 days it cost same prices. it means minimum permit issue is 10 days. After that you can extend the trip of the upper mustang. No Tiims card necessary for the upper mustang trekking, special permit work for this and it need Annapurna conservation entry fee  which cost Rs 2000. we can design  only 10 days itinerary of the upper mustang.
What kind of the document need from the trekking agency to apply mustang permit for their Guest?
1. Authorized trekking agency from Government of Nepal
2. Listed in the Trekking agent association of Nepal.
3.Currency exchange certificate from the Rastrya Bank of Nepal.
4. Tax Clear certificate of concerning trekking agency
5. Government trainer license holder Guide
6, Validity of the trekking staff insurance
7. Trekkers valid passport and visa both original and photocopy
Note: Any restriction areas fee not accept Nepalese rupees, it is accept only  Us dollar curency

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